What can i do to make my comp faster

By tmntoldschool
Nov 18, 2006
  1. Hey all, i just used 3dmark06 to compare my comp to other comps, and it says i am like at the bottom of the list compared to computers with the similiar hardware config as me. I have a Core 2 Duo 6600 2.4 ghz overclocked to 2.8 ( no water cooling), i have 2 gigs OCZ platinum ram, a GeForce 7950gtx Dual GPU video card, Asus PN5 latest core 2 ready Mobo, and a Ultra 550w X-connect power supply. My system should be running at top performance, but on games like Company of heroes i still get low framerates for the cut scenes and in 3d mark i was getting like 25 frames per second in mosto f the high action battle tests. Does anyone know why my system is running so low compared to other systems with my same hardware and what can i do to make it faster. Could my overclocking be a reason for it? My CPU is only running at 40 degrees Celsius, which is rather low for an overclocked CPU without watercooling, although i do have a 50 dollars fan/heatsink on it. Anyway, can anyone give any pointers how i can make my system faster
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    25FPS in high action scenes in 3dmark06 is really good. My system comes to a complete stop in 3dmark06. Maybe it just says that yours is lower but really it's not.
  3. Sharkfood

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    While 25 fps is a really good framerate for the 3dmark06 tests, this is mainly due to the 7950 as Crossfire systems are usually in the 35-45 fps range for the '06 tests. I've only tested with Crossfire based systems + 6400 C2D and they get around 9500-10500 range, roughly in 06.

    Cut-scenes/DoD are likely due to Dual-Core issues and I wouldnt worry about them as the game itself should be really flying. You can try to set processor affinity once you've launched the game in the Task Manager for a test to see if this removes the sluggishness.

    If you're concerned about your overclocking, I'd suggest downloading SiSoft Sandra 2007 (2005 has problems launching with C2D so get the 2007/Lite freebie version) and run BOTH it's memory bandwidth tests and CPU Arithmetic tests. Run these two overclocked, then back at stock speeds. This will let you leverage: a) overall impact on math performance and b) any possible detriments to memory performance from the higher bus speed. In both cases, the scores should go UP. If they do, your overclocking has full positive impact with no side issues. If arith scores go up, but bandwidth goes down, you may have to putz around in the BIOS to get mem/fsb ratios a bit better match for your end fsb speed... cpu-z (another free tool you can download) can help with this.

    Good luck!
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