What causes images (pictures) to return to my desktop after I have deleted them?

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Feb 28, 2010
  1. I had an add on to firefox called "Thumbs Down" which enables downloading image galleries on some websites. I thought that might have been the problem but after uninstalling it the problem still exists. What happens is that despite my downloading an image gallery to a folder on my desktop the images downloaded directly onto my desktop. There were around 80-100 of them. I thought nothing of it and highlighted them all and deleted them and then emptied the recycle bin. After putting the computer into sleep mode the images were all back on my desktop. This has happened a half dozen times and it is a real pain. I used Malwarebytes anti malware and I used a good registry cleaner as well as CC Cleaner yet the problem still persists. Can anyone help me?
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    Do you happen to have an external drive running some backup/sync stuff?
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    Re-appearing Images

    Much as I hate idle chatter or speculation in Help Forums.... here I go:

    Like SNGX1275 , I suspect some installed software is acting as a repository for your graphics files. ACDSee and Adobe Bridge, for example, use their own databases to store thumbnails and metadata of graphics files. Very often, especially with ACDSee, you cannot delete a file until you've disconnected the database in their Tools menus.

    Personally, I have never experienced, nor even heard of, what you are seeing.

    I wish I could provide or point you to a Magic Bullet and hope the foregoing helps.

    Please keep us/me informed.

    Good luck.
  4. friend2u

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    Well apparently now the problem has stopped and I am not sure what corrected it!
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    I'm still curious though. Had you rebooted the computer since first deleting the 80-100 image files? If not, then the files remained in memory when you put the 'puter to "sleep".
    Do you have any image-editing software installed with their own databases? Do you have Windows set to index your whole drive, especially the desktop?

    Glad everything is okay now. ---John
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    I do have indexing activated and I am pretty sure it is the whole drive. It could be that repeated registry cleaning and using CC Cleaner's various functions just eventually swept something away! It is obvious that something had those images cached and I sort think it may have been releated to firefox since "Thumbsdown" is an add on to firefox and although I had uninstalled the add on perhaps someting remained that was eventually swept out!

    Thanks for your concern and from reading blogs this problem is nothing new but probably corrects after people start using cleaners etc.
  7. jmjsquared

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    All the best.

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