What else would I need to watch TV besides a TV tuner?

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Nov 29, 2009
  1. So I'm in the stone age at the moment because I don't watch TV... what else would I need?

  2. Classic Rock

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    Hey buddy,

    I tried to use a TV Tuner a while ago, although it was a USB one I don't think that there's any difference between the two. Not that I know of at least, maybe someone else here will know of a difference.

    Aside from what comes in the box, the only thing I think you'll need is a GPU, otherwise the CPU will be under a lot of stress, a Quad core might handle it ok but a decent GPU will make things a lot smoother to watch, especially in HD. You don't need a powerhorse, a 9500GT will do, if you don't want to play modern games.

    Something else you might want is a seperate Ariel, perhaps with an amplifier - please forgive my spelling if that word is spelt wrong.

    I used the ariel provided, and couldn't get anything, then I bought a simple ariel, and got a channel or two, but with an amplifier I got almost all of them, and I have some interference from a factory near by.

    Anyhow, I hope that this helps a little bit. : )
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    Classic Rock

    Thank you, do you have any brand recommendation? Will I be able to watch HDTV with a TV tuner? Do I need any other connection, beside internet?
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    Can't really help you on choosing a brand, all I can say is go for a well known brand, and look at a few reviews of any particular model that you find interesting. Try googling the brand name that your interested in along with the model(s) that catches you eye and the word "Review". Kinda obvious, I know, but just in case you or someone else reading this later doesn't.

    Most TV tuners that I've seen allow you to catch HD Broadcasts as well as SD, but read the box. Everything you need to know about what each tuner does should be on the box. As for how well each does it, that's what reviews are for : )

    As for other connections, just a good ariel. I don't think that you need an internet connection though. Thats only if your watching online TV, and for that you don't need a tuner. Just Adobe Flash.

    Hope that helpful, : )
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    What OS do you have? If its Vista HP or better (or XP MCE) you just need the card. Ones with onboard mpeg2 decoding are the best because they will do all the work, rather than the CPU. HD depends on the card. If you don't have one of the OSes I listed above then you'll need some 3rd party software to view TV. Most cards come with their own, but generally they suck.
  6. Classic Rock

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    Anyhow, let us know how it turned out. Good luck, : )
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