What game first got you hooked on gaming?


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It's not that they hadn't played Sonic - just that it wasn't the first to get them hooked. I think most of the middle-aged or slightly younger guys/gals here probably played Sonic back in the day.
I love sonic, but it was not my first game.
Of course, I said that referring to the thread's title. Saying that Mario Bros. was addicting and not referring Sonic is, atleast here in Europe, a blasphemy (Sega was A LOT more famous in Europe than Nintendo back then). But, since the forum is American, as well as most of the members in the topic, I kinda understand. Altough Sega gained significant market in the US as well. But I'm going offtopic now.


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Yeah - I remember the popularity of Sega being much higher in Europe. The system didn't really show any dominance in the US till all the sports titles hit and then the Mortal Kombat games being less censored. I also think you might be surprised by how many of our members are European or in Europe.


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Probably Tomb Raider followed by Homeworld.

I played a lot of Tomb Raider on Playstation. Early on, I remember there was a rumor -- a gag, I think -- about some kind of "Lara Croft Nude Cheat." My two older brothers stayed up one night trying to manage the complicated combination of moves. They later told me they eventually got it -- but there was no naked Lara to reward their efforts.

They say she exploded or something.

Looking back now, I doubt any of that was true. :D


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Now this is a classic...I remember the good old days...first game that I got addicted to was Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) :D


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Mine was Tetris and 1942 :) Then came supermario. Thats was on Nintendo and atari systems. My first PC game has to be starcraft and civilization.


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If we're tossing in PC games I'd have to say probably Kings Quest, Space Quest, MechWarrior, A-10 Tank Killer and Leisure Suit Larry.


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I played arcade games and games on the Atari, but it was Elite on the BBC micro for me that first really showed that games could be more than simple fare.


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The first game was hangman on my Apple 2 plus. My neighbour worked for IBM as a programmer and taught me basic language and how to program this game.


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I got really hooked on Counter Strike, I remember joining tournaments and such just to play with different players near our area.


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The Intellivision by Mattel. That baseball game, oh that baseball game. We had games going on with the stereo blasting in smoke filled rooms for hours. (a couple times for days) I still have mine stored away. The other one we got a kick out of was a quarter mile drag racing game on the Atari.