What is ISBDirector!gen1.. Norton gives little info

I have a Win7 PC with Norton360delux inst.. Complete sys scan showed what they label as a Virus.. ISBDirector!gen1.. lurking in my Backup files! Action taken was removal.. but no real info what it does or where it may originate FROM!? Norton says only FIVE have been reported by their Scans so Far (3 on MINE alone).. Anyone have any MORE Info about what it does, what parts of P.C. System it infects when acivated ?


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Apparently there are several variants of trojans with the ISB prefix.

Herewith the Google search page results:

Google doesn't return results for the way you have it spelled. They have it as "redirector", and ir sends spam (?).

Accordingly, I'm going to ask the mods to transfer this question to the malware removal forum. This assumes you and Norton weren't fully successful in removing it completely.

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