What kind of graphics card do I need to run FFXI?

By Lunato ยท 4 replies
Sep 8, 2006
  1. So far, I've heard I needed a PCI graphics card, such as FX 5200, 5500, and PCI 6200 to run FFXI.. since I have the dreaded PCI-only PC (what do you know, made by Dell.. its a Dimension 2350.)

    So, you guys know any PCI cards that are worth my while to track down, buy, install, and (finally) enjoy the game?

    And, will these graphics card have any effect on gameplay? (I know it'll be a bit low resolution and detailed.. but, I just want to play, short of buying a whole new PC)

    Oh, and the Dell Dimension 2350 is a off-the-shelf PC, nothing added besides a little bit of extra RAM.
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  3. Lunato

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    Okay, guys, I just bought a card that they "recommended", but I want to make sure it actually works.. I just bought a ATI 9250 PCI 256 MB card for my computer..
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    yeah it will work, FFXI works with the Ati 9000 range of Vid cards, you may need to update the drivers and any patches available for the game.
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