What seems to be the problem with Abit motherboards ??

By tbrunt3
Feb 24, 2005
  1. Hello.
    I have been in the areas helping out where I can . I have noticed something very strange is Abit going down the tube? or do they just have a bad batch of motherboards going around? It seems most of the problems have been with the IS7 series boards, there are 20 or more reported problems with this board. I know Abit use to make pretty good boards but I also know they are toward the bottom of price line where Asus ,MSI and Gigabyte are toward the top. There really seems to be a problem with them lately.

    Maybe the memebers that are having so much trouble with there boards should all get together in a email or messenger and compare notes,than take these findings to Abit I really do not know if would help but this seems to be a real big problem here lately..

    This just a suggestion .The power of 10 people with the same problem they all might get some results,where one person may get the runaround.
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    Yeah I was not too happy with my IS7 board. The fan on the northbridge started to whine in two months. I was especially disappointed when I opened up my case to see the northbridge hsf resting on top of my expensive video card. Apparently the northbridge hsf retaining hooks separated from the mobo! :mad: Not to mention that one of my ram slots got damaged. That board left a sour taste in my mouth and made me think twice about ever getting another Abit board.
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