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May 25, 2005
  1. Question Guys.....Being busy building standard systems for people it has been easy to guestamate the size power supply. But I'm into a problem here....I HAVE TOO MUCH CRAP IN MY CASE !!! And I was wondering if anyone had a site with formula's or even assorted facts to determine the PSU that I would need. Here is all what I have in my case...(As of right now I am using a 460 watt Enermax and I think it is a little overworked....)

    Athlon 64 3800 939
    6800 GT
    2 DIMM's PC 3700 (2.7v)
    2 Burning Rom Drives
    Total of 5 Hard Drives
    2 74 gb Raptor Drives
    2 Seagate 80 gig SATA
    1 80 Gig IDE
    Media Card Reader
    Small 2 Fan Thermal Guage
    4 LED Case Fans
    Zalhman 90mm CPU cooler
    2 12" cold cathode Neon's

    My question is how big should I go? (And I know I can get a $400 700w PSU and problem solved but do I need it? I want to find out where I am now power consumtion wise and take it from there. I dont want overkill. As I said I have a 460w enermax at the moment and my system is not running nearly what it should and I know it is power related. Bad seek and write times, gameplay is sluggish ect ect. Either that or I have a bad raptor drive, but doubt it because seek and write times and gameplay on my other drives has suffered also since I installed most of this new hardware.

    If anyone has any idea's or knows of a device consumption calculation url that would be great. THANKS A TON!!!!

    Oh yeah I just posted some new pics of this system in the gallery also....
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    460w enermax is plenty.

    The only reason for the big "PSU scare" over the past few years is because of cheaply made 400w power supplies that weigh 8 ounces.

    Enermax is not in that category, lucky for you. :)
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    Gonna Upgrade

    Looked at the sight recommended and says my minimun power supply needed is 446 watts and that is leaving out one hard drive (chart only goes up to 4) says each hd uses around 25 watts so the 460 watt psu I have at the moment is pushing my limits.
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    $130.00 U.S.....not bad ! I think i just found my new PSU.
    Thanx RBS.

    patio. :cool:
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    Yeah that psu is pretty slick but....

    Let me say sorry for neglecting my own thread, been busy....I just got around to ordering my new PSU yesterday and here it is.


    I have never heard of this brand before but it did a little reseach and boy it gets some rave reviews. I'll take one for the team and be the beta tester on this one and let you know how it works.

    As for modular, nice concept but there are too few 4 pin connectors, since modular is all about a neat presentation in the case id hate to have spent the extra money and and have to have a bunch of Y-Cable molex's looming around because I needed more power outlet.
  9. JimShady23

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    This thing works like a champ.
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