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Sep 14, 2008
  1. I started this thread in an attempt to provide users or visitors with some sort of "Security tool Kit". A place where they can go to get information about the various software they can use to better secure their system, thus reducing the risk of a security breach. I've always heard that "prevention is better than a cure", although the some of the programs listed below will not stop a breach, they will certainly aid in early detection. This is particularly good when dealing with a Trojan. This is meant to be an open discussion, so anyone can give their input. After this process is completed, I will make a post with the most popular Programs and place them in a single thread. I will Categorize the programs based on their purpose. All these recommendations are for windows based systems.

    Here we go;



    I might be forgetting something, so if anyone realizes a missing category please post it. Also please post your recommendations.Addons and/or settings are also acceptable.

    Thank You!
  2. kimsland

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    Yes Hardware, like behind a good strong Router ( or even a Hardware Firewall)
    Hang on, you want "Software"

    Security updates completed - not sure if you'd count that one in, but it is "Software" not "Program" that you asked for.

    The updated Hosts file; Network settings; Services; Temp files removal programs; passwords (actually settings like these can fill a page, maybe I'll go back to Programs)

    Although I don't use an Internet Security (all in one) package. I've always felt Kaspersky Internet Security to be the best in this group. (Hmm maybe you're after "free" Programs)

    I'll second Malwarebytes as one of the best (to remove bugs) not actually prevent them comming in (No no you want defensive free Programs, I think)

    Ok, in that case, I'd recommend Avira free Antivirus, arguably one of best (if not the best) Antivirus positive protection program

    That's about all, until you clear up what "Software" (free? settings? Adddons?...) you mean.

    I think you're after free, real time protection; programs. I wonder if Linux (especially live CDs) would be an acceptable "Software" defence. It's certainly the most secure OS and it's free.
  3. jobeard

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    Major concept to thwart attacks; NEVER login to an admin account to perform daily tasks.
    Instead, create an LUA account for everyone (including YOU) for daily work and then
    use Run AS to get admin access or Switch Users for heavy work, eg MS Updates.

    IF the LUA account gets compromised, the worst thing that can happen is that
    account becomes contaminated, but the system remains health :)
  4. sandrajames

    sandrajames TS Rookie

    best software i found

    norton has just released a new version of pc antivirus 2009. at the beginning i didint want to purchase their products. however since i have it (4 days), my computer is more stable i after my first full computer scan, it repair a lot of previous problems that i had. i dont know how was previous version of norton antivirus, however i really appreaciate the 2009. i found it on pcrepairexperts.net . they a few security products avalaible on the market.
  5. jobeard

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    Suggest readers of this thread search for "Norton" on this site for the many contrary opinions of their product.

    That should offload that quest and trim this thread to the intent of the originator :)
    rather than recreating the arguments here :(
  6. tw0rld

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    Sorry If I wasn't clear enough. All of what you said was very helpful. As for the Linux live CD, I almost smiled. Whether the software is free or not It does not matter. Addons and settings are welcomed ideas. Every bit of information helps.
  7. tw0rld

    tw0rld TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 572   +6

    Should have known to mention this.

    CCleaner, ATF Cleaner are two popular cleaners( Temp files removal programs ) often mentioned here on techspot.
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