What type of CD is good for installing Linux or other OS for dual boot?


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Hello TechSpot,

I am thinking of dual booting Linux Mint with my Windows 7 OS. I don't have a cd big enough for the installer, and I am thinking about buying a stack of CDs to use for booting. However, I don't know which CD type to buy. I will be using them also for Movie making, file storage, back up and etc..
Which one of these would work?
  • DVD R
  • DVD RW
  • DVD-RW



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They're DVD's, not CD's; though you can use them for burning a Linux ISO, it would be a waste of most of the capacity of a disk though. I'd choose DVD-R's.

You can always download Linux live creator and use that instead. You just need a spare 1GB USB memory stick/thumb drive.


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So I need a DVD. I know about the USB. My friend also wants a couple of the Linux OS installers on DVDs plus other files which he wants burned. I will burn them for him, I just need to know which type is good for this stuff.


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I really like Sony DVD-R disks. Not sure where you live, but Staples often has them for $15 for a 50 spindle or $25 for 100. Although it has been a while since I've seen them do that with Sonys, the seem to do it with HP a lot now.

I've had a very high success rate burning the Sony ones and their label is almost completely white with tasteful lettering on it. A lot of other brands have horrible looking disks.


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Thanks SNGX, I will have a look around shops in Slovakia.

Found one SONY DVD+R 50 pieces cakebox for 14 euros. 4.7 gigs on each.