What type of hard drive i will need?

By Falce
Apr 28, 2007
  1. I have an old pc (hp A409.uk) and need more hard drive room, i dont want to replace my old harddrive, but i dont know what type of hard drive i will need and if i can input a slave as i dont have the xp disks.. any help i will be thankful
    cheers /Falce
  2. raybay

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    First, call HP to see if they still have the discs for that model... the phone number is on the www.hp.com tech support site. If so, they will sell them to you for less than $23 to $30 including shipping...
    If they don't have the discs any longer (they don't restock when they run out) you can buy an OEM version of Windows XP Home for $64 to $89, then download all the drivers you need from the HP site.
    The rest is simple, although it is a pain to get the case apart if you have never done one before.
    Then buy a Seagate with a five year warranty from www.tigerdirect.com, www.directron.com, or www.zipzoomfly.com where you can often get a 250 GB drive for under $100, or an 80 GB for $60 or less. Samsung, Fujitsu, and Western Digital are also good but with a lower warranty.
  3. Tedster

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    you can add an ultra ATA (IDE) drive for a second drive easy. And they're cheap. The hot deals forum advertised a high capacity drive for $50.
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