What video card will suit my motherboard?


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i bought a 2nd hand motherboard with processor.

what video card will suit my mother board?

amd athlon 64 x2 d core. 4600+

1gb ram

is 512 ok or should go lower?

thanks for the answer, and following question is, im running my motherboard with 20pins, but it has 24pins.(bec. my powersupply is a bit old) but its still running.

any advice?

sorry for bad english. thanks in advance


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I ran mine on the 20 pin for awhile, you can pick up a 20 to 24 pin adapter for about £8 ($10) quite easily around the net (and it would be best to get one).

You don't say what motherboard you've got (?), but the question of what graphics card you should have depends on what you might want to use your PC for. Heavy gaming, light gaming, or just document work ect..


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thanks for the answer i guess ill go for the cheap one,

im planning to add some ram cause my pc got physical memory error(blue screen)

can you tell me what type of ram is suitable for my pc?


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Run CPU-Z and see that type of memory is currently in there and get the same kind. You could also list which motherboard you have but it's probably DDR memory.


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guys you still alive there?

i recently bought a cheap 2nd hand video card,

palit 8500gt 512mb 128bit

now my problem is where the hell can i download the driver? thanks for the answer :)


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sorry for the double post,

i search the site, it doesn't hav any palit 8500gt 512mb 128bit ddr2 videocard driver


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As far as I know, you only need to look for the spec to match your graphic card, rather than the brand name on the box, (by that I mean the name 'Palit, Saphire' etc).
It's the nvidia part that's important, in your case 8500gt 512mb, 128bit bus. So the page I gave the link to should have worked. Of course the 'auto detect' on the Nvidia site should work too, but didn't. There's a program I use to give the right info for drivers; www.drivereasy.com (It's totally free) but the download speed for the drivers is slower than dial-up, (on purpose!), but the info it gives is usually good. (Then get the driver elsewhere.)
The card used before my current Radeon, was a Geforce 8600, I tried several drivers but the one that worked was off an old magazine coverdisc, and was called '8000 series'.


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If you have not installed a graphic driver yet, go to
then enter your details into the boxes;
GeForce 8 series
GeForce 8500gt
Download and install.
Don't worry about the Maker of your card, 'Palit', the drivers are for the chipset
on the card, made by Nvidia.

* The drivers that worked well with my 8600 were;
163.69 forceware_winvista_32bit_international_whql
or for XP
163.71 forceware_winxp_32bit_international_whql
They are from 2007 as yours will be I think.


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so sir, you mean i must just download 8500gt driver ?
Yes, just download the 8500GT driver for Windows XP (I'm assuming you have XP from the screenshot. Ensure that you know whether your OS is 32 or 64 bit and download the driver accordingly.)