Whats my perfect card??

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Jan 24, 2006
  1. Hi All,
    i have been looking at getting a tv tuner/capture card. i want to know if there is anything out on the market that plays digitalTV, captures/records digitalTV, is able to have a video recorder or DVD player connected to it, play/ have satelitte/cable TV connected to it. that is my perfect card. im a novice at all this, so sorry for sounding dumb.

    Ive been looking at getting the LEADTEK DTV1000, and the Hauppauge PVR-250-MCE, which i think not only has DigitalTV capability, but can have a video recorder and dvd player connected up to it. Does anyone know if it is tv in and tv out? if not what the closest card 2 what im looking for. do they compare?

    Thanks in advance GURU's.


    SCHUMIinSA TS Rookie Posts: 134

    I am also a complete Novice in the field of TV cards. Recently I have been looking at the Leadtek Winfast TV2000 XP Expert which sounds like a very good card. I am not sure if this card has all the things you need, because as I said when it comes to TV cards I am still a novice, but I do know that it's a rather good one. Maybe you should have a look at this card to to see if it supports all that you need.
  3. Anubishaj

    Anubishaj TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for your advice. the tv2000 card i think is the newer one than the dtv 1000 card i was looking at. main difference is the 2000 has fm radio ability, plus comes in stereo (i think) :)

    so far im leaning towards the tv2000 card, but i know there would be a card that also does all that the tv2000 card does and also has AV connections as well. i wouldnt mind finding one that has great graphics ability incorporated in it as well.

    The search goes on. :)
  4. hewybo

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    Not bad

    I bought the WinFast 2000 XP Series Model 3 last year, and am satisfied with it. It has FM tuning, remote control, picture-in-picture (while recording), and other features. It has an AV line-in (input cable is included) which will accept Camcorder, VCR, and DVD/VCD player. Also has a connector for audio out to your soundcard/mobo. Haven't looked at prices lately, but it seems like I paid around $50USD at Fry's last year. It's been a good one. BTW, I first bought a Haupaugge, but it wouldn't interpret my cable TV connection, so I returned it for this one. :wave:

    SCHUMIinSA TS Rookie Posts: 134

    Good to know. Good to know.

    Well it looks like I will be getting this card, but it still depends on the cost of laying new cables wheater I even get a TV tuner card or not.
  6. Anubishaj

    Anubishaj TS Rookie Topic Starter

    looks like i will do the same. cheers guys.
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