WHEN I open Windows the page JUMPS off my screen!!! HELP

By SonnysGirl ยท 13 replies
Jul 21, 2005
  1. When I click to open up Windows.. It shows it open at the bottom but when I hit to min or max.. the page disappears!! What is going on and how can I fix it?

    Thanks in advance.. as you can see I am a newbie
  2. just_a_nobody

    just_a_nobody TS Rookie Posts: 182

    Hi SonnysGirl, I am not sure I understand your question. However, we need more information about your system, please, like what is your operating system, thanks.
  3. SonnysGirl

    SonnysGirl TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    THanks for your reply

    I am operating windows xp. When using my laptop... I click on Internet Explorer...(I think that is what I didn't declare first..sorry) and it shows the page is open at the bottom (beside the start button.) However, the page shoots off to the right of the screen! I try to min or max it at the bottom BUT NOTHING will get it to open up in the center of the screen (or any place that will allow me to drag and drop it and etc) . It's crazy!

    I went to India last month and had to use Opera over there. Since I got back.. IE has done this! I am not sure if that has anything to do with it or not?

  4. just_a_nobody

    just_a_nobody TS Rookie Posts: 182

    Ok, so lets see what we can do here. Right-click on a vacant area, on your desktop, then click on Properties, located near the bottom of the window, then click on the Settings tab, and see if adjusting the Sceen Resolution slider does anything.

    If we have no success with that, then click on the Advanced Button, and see if there is a way to adjust the screen image. I am not sure that a laptop will have this feature, but it is worth a try. It's been so long, since I messed with a WinXP laptop, that I can't remember....lol.
  5. SonnysGirl

    SonnysGirl TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    thanks for trying but none of things worked. I just tried both of them :-(

    Any other ideas from anyone?
  6. just_a_nobody

    just_a_nobody TS Rookie Posts: 182

    ok, try this, go back to the display properties, and this time click on the desktop tab/then Customize Desktop/ and select web tab, and check lock desktop items.
  7. SonnysGirl

    SonnysGirl TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    Thanks again.....

    I checked the box but it still didn't work...

    Any other suggestions?
  8. just_a_nobody

    just_a_nobody TS Rookie Posts: 182

    Have you tried uninstalling Opera? Maybe that has settings that are shaking things up...lol.
  9. SonnysGirl

    SonnysGirl TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    I think I will try that next.... after I finish up my day.........lol

    Maybe someone else can say.......... HEY that has happened to me too..lol

    I'll keep checking back....

    Thanks Again
  10. PanicX

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    So even when maximized you can't see the window? Have you used multiple monitors on this laptop? It sounds like your window is being displayed on the wrong desktop/monitor. Check that under the settings tab in the display properties that there's only screen 1 is available.

    You can also try removing your plugins for IE.
    Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Settings (button in the Temporary Files Section) -> View Objects : From this new window, feel free to delete any files, if they're important, you can always download them again. The only ones I keep are WUWebControl, Office Update and Java Runtimes. Definitely delete any labeled as Unknown or Damaged.
  11. IronDuke

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    Why not carry on using Opera it's much better than IE. Maybe you'd like to try Firefox.
  12. iismileyll

    iismileyll TS Rookie

    right click on the task bar
    select move

    now press the down arrow key. The window should be moving with the mouse.

    Click some where to stop moving the screen.

    Hopes this helps... if you haven't found a solution yet.
  13. SNGX1275

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    Probably did, since the thread is over a year old.
  14. korrupt

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    OOOHH!! A 3D monitor! Where do I get one?


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