Where to place virtual memory in two drive configuration

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Nov 16, 2008
  1. Greetings. I have Windows XP with 2048 memory, 4096 pagefile, and two drives. My "Program Files" and "Windows" directories are in C: . The "My Documents" directory is in D: . I'm yet to decide whether to place my pagefile in C or D. I thought the most disk activity will occur in C: , so D would seem the best choice for pagefile, but I'm not really sure about this. Any hints?


    Juan Herrera
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    I found this guide very useful - http://www.tweakguides.com/TGTC.html
    Look under page 64 for a detailed explanation on how to optimize your pagefile and on placement of the pagefile.
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    The steps

    On physical System drive root

    better: on system drive in a separate partition

    better still: on system drive in a separate partition empty otherwise dedicated to pagefle

    even better still: Second physical drive

    even better better still: this second drive in on its own cable not slaved

    even better better better still: on this drive in its own dedicated partition

    and if this drive is low activity like for backups or storage of photos and has low access this is also better.

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    ^ re the above: if you are looking at speed, using a different partition on the same drive is useless.

    The drive read heads(s) still have to stop accessing the program and write to and then look at the memory (a simplification but nevertheless the way it works).

    The first few hundred Mb's of virtual can be accomodated by the same hd, of whatever description, BUT then the use of a second, fast HD to use the paging system is a GREAT benefit.
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