Where's my Task Manager?

By operamac
Feb 16, 2006
  1. My laptop has gotten HAMMERED by adware/spyware/viruses etc. in the last week. It's so bad that I can't even get online to get the new programs I need to really fix the problem. For about a month or so, my Task Manager has not responded when I attempt to run it. IF I could get it to run I could zap some of these processes temporarily so that I could download the new software I want to run to clean my computer. I looked on the recovery disk, but it's probably packaged up with the entire windows install program. OTHER than having to back up ALL my files on flashsticks or some other media storage device and completely WIPING my computer clean, what can I do to restore my Task Manager, OR bypass it all and get a momentary reprieve so I can get the software I need online? I can't even FILE MY TAXES til I get this done and I'm GETTING money back... so I need help ASAP!
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    I appreciate that advice. Had forgotten about that... Hopefully I can root out all those damn files... if I can just find the WORST ones... that should help me at least get to a point where I can work on it.
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