Which Java App do I need for Win XP Pro?

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Jun 7, 2008
  1. Hi,

    I am formatting & installing Win XP Pro SP2.

    I am totally confused as to which JAVA application do I need to install to run my PC smoothly any kind of application on my PC & IE 6.0

    Do I need Java Virtual Machine OR JRE OR JAVA.......... ?

    Microsoft does not offer JAVA & Sun's site totally confuses me.

    Please tell me what do I need to run any kind of application & links to download the necessary JAVA.

    Any HELP is highly appreciated.

    Thank You in Advance.
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  3. robertq

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    Thank you so much
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    FYI: the most current Java is v6 u6. After you update if needed, go into the Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs and uninstall ALL earlier Java versions.

    Then: Control Panel> Java> Updates tab> UNCHECK> 'check automatically for updates'> Yes.
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    in fact, you don't need Java at all -- unless you have a Java program installed OR
    access a webpage with a Java Applet :)

    The MS JVM has been withdrawn due to violation of the Sunmicro license terms.
    ALL Java RTE (Runtime Environments) should be coming from Sunmicro.

    Versioning is another matter altogether. You should attempt to keep current if possible.
    Understand that a Java application can demand that a specific RTE Version be used (for all kinds of reasons).
    It is confusing, but frequently necessary to have more than one RTE installed.
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