Which memory sticks should I use?

By the_matt
Sep 3, 2005
  1. hello, I am running an AMD Athlon 2400+ on a Soyo KT600 Dragon Plus. Originally I had one 512 stick of PC 3200 RAM in it and it worked fine. I then purchased 2 more unmatched 512 sticks of PC3200. I noticed a nominal increase in speed. So, I decided to try it with only 1 gig instead of 1.5 and it really seemed to make the speed increase alot. So my question is, does it make a difference running only 2 sticks rather than 3 and if so should I run one old and one new or two new (I think there may be a latency difference)? Also, can anyone give me any insight into whether or not the slots that I put the memory into make a big difference? I can't find any info on this on the soyo website. Thx for the help!

  2. RealBlackStuff

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    You should always get matching memory sticks, i.e. all DDR400/PC3200 and all with the same CAS Latency (CL), the lower the better. (CL=2 or 2.5 or 3).
    In a mixed environment, it might not work at all, or, if it does work, the speed for all sticks will always that of the slowest between them.
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