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White line

  1. When I start up my laptop I have this white line on the side of my screen and the rest of the screen is black
    I've tried pressing f12 when the laptop turns on but it doesn't work
  2. Frozwire

    Frozwire TS Member Posts: 19


    What laptop do you have? It would be much helpful to anyone here who might be able to help if you could provide more additional information about your laptop and other specifications.
  3. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    Tap the back of the laptop panel where you see the white line running (up and down or across the screen) Also does this line flicker also. Could be the panel going duff (bad) or defective LCD Controller. This can be replace easy. But if your not skilled in taking off the LCD panel cover to to the back of the LCD Panel this can be tricky. Get a little cup with some tape and with each tiny screw you remove stick it to the tape and place that into the cup. Can't afford to lose any of those tiny panel screws.

    Also tapping first on the back of the panel would let you know if the line will disappear? But you said the screen is black? Did you press any Function Keys. (also known as [FN] key. Up where the numbers are there are graphic object views on the keys each one has a purpose. If you use [ ] something like this that means it's the viewing of the monitor. You have a choice blank (black screen) when you press F5 key repeatedly. This function key is use when you connect external monitor to your laptop.

    While I am on this subject you should try hooking one up and see if you have the same issue on the monitor. If you do not then you know it's the panel. I would replace the panel and the controller. You have to do both to get the best results. Or you could just replace the controller.

    I've attached image of the back of the LCD panel with the controller in red to be replace. Also this image has a VGA connector board with PSU (power supply unit) this won't be the same for your laptop it's all integrated into the MOBO (motherboard). I've replace many LCD panels and controllers for major corp US companies for many years. So most can do this work in 15 minutes depends on what brand of laptop.

    If your doing this yourself going to take you longer than 15 minutes. Or send the laptop to the manufacturer if it's still under warranty. If not you might consider sending it back for them to replace it. Turn-around time is 1 day for the tech. Most will just replace the panel and the controller and test to make sure it functional. Then send it back to you.

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