Why Do You Have to Log In to Your Home PC, Anyway?


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[SIZE=5]They’re Designed for Multiple Users[/SIZE]
Modern operating systems were designed for multiple users. Even if you only ever sign in to your Windows laptop with a single user account, Windows is built for more than that. This means that the same operating system works for a single person’s computer, a shared family PC, or an office workstation. FULL ARTICLE


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Faster signon is a means to faster corruption and infection. The amount of time to get from login to the desktop (or mobile wallpaper), is insignificant to the duration of the active session, so it's crazy to spent effort to improve login time.

While it is true that UAC provides unique profile and settings per account, the LOGIN is also about privacy and security. All systems we own have their own logins and passwords. This also assists when online and a virus wants to alter your system.
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Maybe you could care less about the lock screen and would prefer Windows to automatically log you into your account. Just like in other versions of Windows, this can be done in Windows 10.

Click the WIN+R key to display the Run box, type netplwiz, and hit Enter to launch the User Accounts manager. From the list of users, select the account you’d like to see logged in by default, remove the checkmark for the option Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer, click Apply, enter the password, confirm with OK, and you won’t have to log yourself in again. You can of course reverse these changes later on.