Why is there so many AMD 2.4 MHz CPU's?

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Nov 21, 2005
  1. Why is there so many AMD 2.4 GHz CPU's?

    Why does AMD have so many different versions of the 2.4 MHZ CPU's. They have the 3400, 3700, 3800, 4000, and of course the X2 4600 and 4800. I have the 3400, but I'm building a new computer and I'm probably going to get the X@ 4800. I sthere a significant difference between all these to justify so many, for instance is the 4000 that much better than my 3400 other than socket 939. If i was to go from the 3400 to the 4000, would i even notice a difference? I just happened to notice all the different versions of the 2.4 MHz processor and thought I'd ask the question.
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    There are some differences between them all, as I assume you have guessed, and the differences in pricing is justified. The Athlon64 4000 outperforms the 3400 by leaps and bounds in most applications.

    The various 2.4 processors have different cache sizes, memory interfaces, form factor designs to name a few.

    They all also require different voltages and produce different amounts of heat.

    If you want a good comparison of them, take a look at this link:
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    I understand the obvious differences, like cache size and socket type, but is on really better than the others, excluding the dual core since we know the advantages there. For example if I went from my socket 754 3400 to the socket 939 4000, would I really be upgrading, and also going from my 6800 GT to a 7800 GTX. I have a 22 inch monitor and like to game at 1600 X 1200.
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    Yes, and yes. You would be upgrading.

    I think you and I think the same way. A hamburger and fries kind of guy. Now that you are probably confused as hell...

    If you have a look at this link http://www23.tomshardware.com/index.html

    it actually compares the different CPUs on REAL applications and reports how fast they did it compared to others. You can see what kind of FPS you would get with a 3400 vs a 4000 CPU. Try it out. Select the 3400 and the 4000 then FARCRY. You'll see the 4000 outperforms the 3400 by 20fps.

    You can then look here: http://graphics.tomshardware.com/graphic/20050524/index.html
    to compare the video cards. Again, this'll give you FPS comparisons of different games at different settings using various cards. Very useful when considering upgrades.

    EDIT: just remembered, that VGA comparison link above has not yet been updated to include the 7800 cards.... :knock:

    Here is a link comparing the 7800gtx vs some other cards:
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    I have a good system now, but most of it is old technology. I have an athlon 3400+, 2 512 of OCZ DDR 3200, Seagate 120 paralell ata 100, and a BFG 6800 GT. I've really been wanting a larger SATA hardrive and the advantages of socket 939. Also, with all the graphically demanding games out now I want a 7800GTX, which I need PCI-E for.On top of that I want 2 GB of ram. Thay's why I have the CPU dilemma, do I spend a little less and get the 4000+, go dual core, or say screw it and get the FX-55.
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    Personally, I am more into getting the best value for my buck.

    If you are a rich man, go for the FX. Sweet CPU. Dual cores are not really the way to go (yet) for gaming, but hopefully will be in the future.

    I myself have an Athlon64 3700 (SanDiego) and LOVE it's speed. It races through games like nothing (I also have a 6800GT by the way). I can't imagine spending 2/3x what I did on a processor. It just seems nuts to me, when mine handles things just fine. Of the options you list above, I'd go for the 4000.

    But like I said, if you are a rich man, then what the hell? Get an FX-57! And.... can you buy one for me too? ;)
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