Wi-Fi-enabled tower?


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On my W7 tower, I've been seeing a WI FI icon
but assumed it just meant I could use a usb wi fi device on it which I have done. Well, today curiosity got the best of me & I pulled the DSL out of the back & it totally amazed me to know I was still online, no usb.
How long have towers been like laptops, come wi fi enabled?


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A couple things:
Firstly, you already seem to have a wireless card.
Second, why are you asking are you having problems with your keyboard and mouse?
Third, no.


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No problems, I've just never seen an illuminated wifi icon on any tower till this one.
It simply got me curious which is why I pulled the DSL cable out & was still online. It has a usb wifi thing for the mouse/keyboard.
Thank you.:)


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Motherboards can have wifi built in to them, or you can have a wifi card as previously mentioned. I've seen a fair few retail boxes come with built-in wifi lately.