win 64 install issue

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Jan 8, 2006
  1. im currently trying to install win xp 64bit onto a 64 bit msi baord with a amd 64 3500, while installing windows random files cannot be installed, ive tried several times and each time its a different error, any suggestions on to what may be causing this??
  2. swker98

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    First off does your cd have any screahes

    Is it a legit copy of x64
  3. spechul1

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    its a brand new scratch free legit version, i beleive the problem ahs something to do with the mobo, processor, or mem since it did this while trying to install win xp pro also
  4. monton

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    Install x64 problem

    What is the age/condition of the cd drive? Dust? Not the likely culprit but worth checking out.
    I installed x64 on an ASUS a8n-e, AMD 3800x2, with striped raid SATA 2 without a hitch. (thank you thank you thank you) The cd rom was new out of the box.
    I would look at the cd drive first. What is the condition/age of the hard drive?
    All new build?
  5. SNGX1275

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    You may be on to something there, I've had the same problem when I had a bad RAM module. I suggest running a memtest on it.
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