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Sep 14, 2010
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  1. I had to perform a repair install on my XP Home Edition and now I can't even log on. It asks me to activate the OS after I enter my pass but then the activator window opens stating that it's already activated!? If I click OK it just logs me off and the pattern repeats itself. The only reason I need to get on XP again is to backup some settings. I really could care less about using it on this machine ever again but this last little problem is annoying. Any help?
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    hello !

    have you already tried the last known good configuration?
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    I have a few BART CD's so I may just end up using them to try and fetch some files. Most of my stuff is on different drives so it's not real crucial, but I'd like to get what I could from the installation. I swapped motherboards so the OS wanted to reactivate, but I figured the repair install would help weed out some of the driver issues. Guess I was wrong...

    thx for the replies
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    so it's been awhile, but i actually found what i think is a temporary fix for this Activation Loop problem... after encountering it again on a different system! it was pretty much the same deal, after i performed a repair install of XP professional windows prompted to activate the OS, but then returned with "Windows is already activated" message. upon clicking OK, it just loops back to the profile selection.

    so i ended up using sysprep from an OEM disk and factory sealing the OS. afterward, i skipped the audit and just prepared windows for end user (making sure to not select the 30 day activation period). after that was done, and the computer was restarted, windows booted right to the desktop normally. now, i'm not 100% sure, but i'm thinking that xp will prompt for activation again after 30 days?

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