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Win32.dl.agent.vei / Trojan

By yenmeiyin
Dec 2, 2007
  1. Hi
    To start off, I have really little knowledge of PC security, firewall, spywares, but recently, i am a victim of PC virus attack. Please bear with me as I have really tried to read the earlier threads in the forum but can't seemed to understand much.

    Someone told me that I my laptop was infected with trojan and the subject line is what i have gathered as the name of the virus. This was detected by this Mcafee software I had (Mcafee just does random scanning which I have ignored its scanning request umpteen times). Initially, it just kept popping up that the file in program files\system\soundmno.exe is infected. I tried to quarantine and even delete, it tells me unsuccessful.

    I tried the steps provided in one of your threads to do online scan, get AVG...etc... but online scanning is unable to complete till step 3 because the internet connection icon dissapeared. From the start menu, i no longer was able to see the category for viewing network connections. So, online scanning was stalled. AVG anti-virus program was downloaded then, so i tried to load, but soon, it also failed on me. Subsequently, all other programs like media player is no longer detectable when i double-click the icon.

    I even have trouble calling out the sound mixer to adjust the volume. It seemd like everything is slowly wiping out.

    My only concern is my data files like documents and years of photo-taking saved in softcopies. All I need is to know how can I access them and copy out, maybe in MS-DOS... (by the way, tried to reboot in safe mode, it just came to a black screen, though the mouse indicator is still working)
  2. Jase123

    Jase123 Banned Posts: 1,012

    Hello and welcome to Techspot. :wave:

    Would you like to clean your system - or backup your files and do a complete format?

    Please let me know your decision.

    I also suggest you read this thread HERE while deciding what you want to do.

    Regards Jason :wave:
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