Window XP installation freezing while copying files.

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Jun 27, 2005
  1. This didn't happen before when I first got the new hard drive At first, it was working well for a few days. However after some usage and updates, windows XP start to freeze during heavy memory usage task (virus scan, many file copying, mpeg display). The symptoms is when the mouse stopped responding, the system won't respond, and the keyboard only accepts about 2-4 keystrokes before it stops as well (I can tell by pressing the num lock a few times before it won't respond)). This is the exact same condition that plagued my previous hard drive which became my auxiliary hard drive.

    I decided to format and reinstall windows XP on the new hard drive. The big problem is that when it got to the part where it's copying the installation files to the C: drive, it freezes up the same manner as before. I had tried to format, Fixboot, and FixMBR from the recovery though yielded the same result. Before I didn't have any problem installing Win XP to the new drive.

    Is there a way to direct fix the freeze problem? Alternatively, how do you do a complete Hard Drive wipe since format didn't seem to delete the boot up sequence (before it went straight to the Win XP installation without prompt).

    PS: The freeze problem was on my old hard drive for about 6 -8 months now.
  2. chessJunkie

    chessJunkie TS Rookie

    Goto the manufactur's website for your hard drive, download the diagnostic programs that they provide.
    One of these programs should allow you to reset the drive to all 0's.
    Tech support from the OEM should walk you through these steps if you don't see them on the website.
    After you reset the drive try the install again.
    You may have a warentee on the drive... if the drive turns out to be broken after the new format, you may get a free replacement.

    Providing the make/model of your drive would help... i could have given you links to all the files/info you need.
  3. RealBlackStuff

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    After you first installed XP, did you also install the drivers from the motherboard-CD?
  4. Dataslycer

    Dataslycer TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 31

    Is there a way to run the program from the Recovery console? I kind of find it less flexible than DOS (either that or I'm just ignorant).
  5. chessJunkie

    chessJunkie TS Rookie

    The diagnostic utilities are on a bootable cd most of the time....
    a dos-ish atmosphere... they are fairly self explanatory and tech support for the drive should be more than willing to help you from there.

    First off... get to the OEM website. Find your drive and the files for the diagnostics...
    You still never gave us the make/model of the drive so that we can better help you.

    Once we get windows installed on the computer properly, then we can troubleshoot the rest of your problems.
  6. Dataslycer

    Dataslycer TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 31

    Hard Drive model: Samsung 1604 N
  7. chessJunkie

    chessJunkie TS Rookie

    I checked the website and was not successful in finding the utility i mentioned. I suggest contacting Samsung technical support and seeing if they do have a utility of that nature available.
    Contact samsung technical support.
    I hope I've helped some.
  8. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    If that is a SATA-drive look for new drivers, or reinstall them.

    I ask again, did you install the mobo-CD drivers?
  9. Dataslycer

    Dataslycer TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 31

    Not really, I had different CD drives from the one that was manufactored with the computer. After installing windows the first time, I had immediately went and update all my system/hardwards driver.

    Chess Junkie, do you think this program might be able to help me?

  10. kenny81

    kenny81 TS Rookie

    What could be the problem is the memory. What i suggest is to try a single stick of memory or if only have one stick try a diffrent one, That is what i think the issue could be. If not there is a thing call a debug that you can find off of MS website that allows you to format the driver completely with using the OS cd
  11. Dataslycer

    Dataslycer TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 31


    I have some good news. I have finally reinstalled Windows XP without any freeze up in the middle of the process. Here is what I did if anyone with a Samsung HDD needs to see this in reference:

    I created a boot up CD with BCD and added the application HUTIL. From there I used the first format option (while waiting a long time). When I tried to reinstall Win XP again, I did not encounter any problems at all

    Furthermore, I do not seem to re-encounter the original freezing problem at the moment so I think it may be related to something within the Hard Drive (virus?). I still got a few more problems with the computers though should I post this on another topic or do a continuance here?

    Update: I just got my first freeze when I was looking at a video from and it ended up freezing near the end of the video so that dismisses my theory that it might be something from my old HDD.

    Before ending this post, I needed to post the current temperature that I had noticed when using HUTIL: 42 celcius
  12. chessJunkie

    chessJunkie TS Rookie

    i'd make a new post.... this one is getting rather winded
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