Windows 10 HyperV disgrace

  1. After a few frustrating moments wondering why my memory usage was 3 times higher than normal at a fresh boot, I discover HyperV was using memory regardless of whether there was a virtual machine in use. Instead of the normal 1.1GB memory usage, I was looking at 3GB usage. That's 25% of my 8GB not being used at all while I do other things. No wonder people think they need 16GB or 32GB of memory. There is no sense in an application being programmed to waste memory this way while not actually being used.

    I don't plan on using virtual machines every day. I can't afford the loss of having HyperV installed.
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  2. captaincranky

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    But Cliff, you know this is, "the best Windows ever", why so sad? In fact, if you're "lucky enough" to be near a Microcenter brick & mortar, they have signs all over the place to tell you so...

    FWIW Vista had a somewhat "eccentric" use of memory. Which was possibly one of the reasons they got rid of it. I fear we'll have no such luck with Win10...:(

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