Windows 2000 hard drive corruption on hibernate/bluescreen

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Oct 15, 2003
  1. I am experiencing hard drive corruption.

    The first problem I noticed was that I'm completely unable to get a crash dump when I have a blue screen. I have tried programs that specifically just generate a blue screen to ensure that nothing interfered with the generation, and I have experimented with the recovery settings with no success.

    The second problem I noticed was that after going into hibernation, the computer will not resume from the hibernation file, rather load the OS as if I had just turned it off, and then I also see corruption of files written to just before going into hibernation.

    I saw an article in MS's KB that sounded very much like this, except it applies to XP only.

    I have Windows 2000, sp4. The hard drive is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 120 GB EIDE hard drive with 8 MB cache. I have a P3 1 GHz with 768 MB RAM on a Giga-Byte GA-6VX7-4X motherboard.

    I have installed recent BIOS upgrades for large hard drive support, as well as all hotfixes for Windows 2000.

  2. Tarkus

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    Uh, don't use hibernate or standby. I've found older motherboards such as yours don't support it well, especially in Win2k. Even on my A7N8X it only works the first time. The second hibernate fails and boots normally. I don't know if XP works any better or not.
  3. BrownPaper

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    this is sort of unrelated but if you have a radeon 9800 pro (i'm not sure about the other radeons) and 512mb or more of ram, then don't set your memory usage to a high system cache. i corrupted my hard drive because i failed to look at the catalyst installation notes when installing the drivers. a few reboots later, a mess. i had just finished installing windows so i did not loose anything important thankfully.
  4. Adron

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    It doesn't make much sense that an old motherboard would affect hibernate so much - I can see it affecting suspend to ram, but hibernate as in writing memory to hard drive and turning off the computer has been around for many years now.

    Anyway, not using hibernate is one thing, I really only did that to see if it worked properly. The big problem is with the hard drive corruption and not being able to write crash dump files. When I produce a blue screen, I'll see it write the crash dump, going from 0 to 100%, but after rebooting there's just no dump file to be found.
  5. poertner_1274

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    Hibernation and Standby are horrible things. I have never seen a computer where they actually worked how they were supposed to. That is usually one of the first things I disable when I work on a computer. For me it is more of a pain in the arse than help.
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