Windows 2000 install stuck in a loop

By Lammie@iprimus.
Nov 21, 2005
  1. I attempted to upgrade a friends' computer (crappy old IBM Aptiva) from Win 98 to Win2k. The computer was experiencing alot of errors and explorer crashes so I thought upgrading to Win2k would be the best bet as the PC is pretty old and too low spec for XP (Only 500mhz, 128 RAM, etc).

    So I ran the Win2k install, converted the drive to NTFS, and left it to its own devices for a few hours while it installed. When I came back I was surprised that it was still installing, so I left it to keep going. I came back several hours later only to find it at an earlier stage than when I last checked on it. It seems as if it got to a point late in the installation stage where it required a reboot, and from there it began the install process all over again. I have no idea what to do. I can't run a boot disk because it automatically begins the install process, which only results in it rebooting and doing it all over again ad nauseum.

    I installed the master drive from the IBM into my own PC to try and backup the personal files (My Documents, plus a heap of folders on the desktop) but all that seems to be there are folders with no files - are they lost forever, or only hidden from me because I havent been able to set up an Administrator account for the Win2k install?

    Anyway, is it possible to get the install to work, or retrieve the files from the desktop that were there before I tried in install Win2K? If neither are possible I'll just have to format and start clean....
  2. Samstoned

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    sloww dwn
    start with adding drive to your pc
    did you add as 2nd drive and copy files from it
    what os is the pc you put this drive on
    if your pc is ntfs it should read the files even if the files are fat32
    when you coped files how long did it take and did you check to see if they where good before formatting hdd
    now as to formatting drive and loosing the files ther are numberr of file recovery softwares out ther and venders, like me ,who recover deleted files in this type of situation.
    if the files are unimportant lets forget them now
    and try to get the ibm to run W$K setup
    open machine and jumper cmos to reset
    runing postion is 1-2 put it on 2-3 for bout 30sec.s or so then put the jumper bacl
    make sure the unit is totaly unplugged from wall
    with HDD unplugged ,boot machine
    go into bios and set 1st boot to cd
    2nd boot hdd 0 disable boot floppy seek and or
    add drive
    add disc should prompt to bbot from disc do so
    if you see a configed (formatted drive )delete it
    and start format over again.make sure ther are no network cards modem cards in machine.
  3. Lammie@iprimus.

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    Could you make that a bit clearer.....please?!
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