Windows 7: Unable To Connect Multiple Windows Users On 3G

By gabbi111969
Jun 29, 2010
  1. I'm very frustrated with Windows 7!

    I have been using a Sprint mobile broadband USB data modem for over a year now.

    I had a home network of 3 client PCs connected to a router via Ethernet cables.

    I had the modem plugged into my computer. (XP Pro) The other PCs running XP home.

    I had multiple users accounts on my computer. 1. Admin, 2. Mine (I use to keep from having admin security issues) and others for my children.

    As long as my computer was turned on (no user had to be logged in), all the other network computers could access internet.

    Everything was great until I bought a new system for myself this spring.

    It is not a brand name computer. (None of my computers are) I had it put together at a computer shop.

    Reluctantly I let the tech talk me into purchasing Windows 7 Pro instead of XP Pro. I went with the 32-bit for compatibility with my older programs.

    I was able to set up (with some minor frustration) a new home group network using the same setup as I had before.

    I managed to get all 4 networked computers connected to the internet as long as my new computer (with the modem) is turned on, logged in to my user, and connected. (Not the admin)

    My main issue is:

    My issue is with my win7 computer. Only 1 of my user accounts on my computer will connect to the internet.

    I have 3 windows user accounts on my computer.

    1. Admin

    2. My user (I use to keep from having admin security issues)

    3. A dummy user for others to connect to the internet. Because I do not wish to have others be able to access my user.

    When I first set up the internet network connection(from my admin account) I was able to connect with both the admin user and my user. Each time I switched users though it would log off the internet.

    To avoid others on my user login I set up a dummy user for the other computers on the network to be able to connect to the internet. But when you log in to that user and try to connect to the 3G network it won't connect and gives me the 678 error.

    And now the admin user is giving me the same error. (Which really sucks because I can't get on to update programs)
    When I try to go in and change settings for the network properties I start to get the same error on my user login and then I can't get onto the net at all.

    I've had to restore now many times to get access back on even my user.

    All I know is I've been using windows since it first came out and I think Windows 7 is the least user friendly version I have ever used.

    I am very frustrated. Please help!

    I hope I explained my problem with enough detail.

    I have run all of the trouble shooting scans and it keeps coming up with no problems could be found.

    The error message when I try to connect is: error 678

    Thank you

    MS Windows 7 Pro 32-bit
    Intel Core i5 CPU 661 @ 3.33GHz, 4.0GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 graphics card
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