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Windows 7 very slow startup after unexpected shutdown

By rpseeke9633 · 6 replies
May 4, 2010
  1. For different reasons, my custom-built computer with Windows 7 may have an unexpected shutdown. Whenever it does shut down unexpectedly, I can count on waiting about 10 minutes before I can work at normal speed. It takes a few minutes at the "starting Windows" screen, a few minutes on the black screen after that, a few minutes on the Windows 7 background, and a few minutes saying "Welcome" after I log on.

    When it finally does log on, everything runs very slowly, so I click on the Start button and wait, or I click on a program and wait. After several minutes, it finally "clears up" and runs at normal speed.

    If my computer has not shut down unexpectedly, it will normally be ready to use in 2 minutes after a cold boot, and it will run very quickly. However, if it shut down unexpectedly, everything is slow for 10 minutes or so.

    I did not have this problem with Windows XP; only when I upgraded to Windows 7 did this happen.

    Any ideas why the computer would be slow only after an unexpected shutdown?

    PS. Just ask if you'd like more information. Thanks
  2. bluestreak95

    bluestreak95 TS Rookie

    happening to me too man
  3. plus2plus

    plus2plus TS Rookie

    Many of reason slow of OS. Follow the instruction.

    1. i) Click ⇨ Start ⇨ Run ⇨ temp ⇨ ok and then remove all temp file.
    ii) Click ⇨ Start ⇨ Run ⇨ %temp% ⇨ ok and then remove all temp file.
    iii) Click ⇨ Start ⇨ Run ⇨ recent ⇨ ok and then remove all recent file.
    2. Click ⇨ Start ⇨ Control Panel ⇨ Internet option ⇨ Delete cookies file + Delete File ( off line file) + Clear History
  4. kalma

    kalma TS Rookie

    I get this on my laptop with Windows 7 too. I don't think it has to do with the temp files as I clear those regularly and since it is only slow after an unexpected shutdown.
  5. rpseeke9633

    rpseeke9633 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry, plus2plus, but clearing all my temp files like you said did not make Windows 7 start (after an "unexpected shutdown") any faster. It still took five minutes to get to the login screen (when normally less than two), and after ten minutes of logging in, my computer was still sluggish.

    Now, my work laptop with Windows 7, after an "unexpected shutdown", does not take a long time like my custom-built desktop at home. Perhaps it is an application I have installed?

    Bluestreak95 and Kalma, I'll let you know if I ever figure this one out.
  6. rpseeke9633

    rpseeke9633 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It seems that this was due to my wireless card driver being incompatible with Windows 7. One day, it just started working properly with no delays. Later, I saw that I have a newer driver for the wireless card, which was made in 2010 specifically for Windows 7. Sorry, I do not have anything more specific than that. I can say that my problem is solved now. Thanks.
  7. jonscaife

    jonscaife TS Rookie


    I had a problem with my HTPC that this post seems to describe very accurately. In the end the the solution in my case was increasing the cooling for the chipset (well, the northbridge). Anyone else with unexpected shutdowns and seemingly random very slow performance may want to check for an overheating chipset. I've put full info on my blog Jons Guides
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