Windows boot doesnt make sense?

By nation15
Sep 12, 2005
  1. I just reformatted my harddrive, I have a Pentium 4 in a Medion computer, its something I got from Best Buy. Well I used to have this problem every once in a while but it would eventually boot into windows, this time it wont. When windows loads normally it gets past the load screen, the blue screen flashes, and it reboots itself, it never stops. I can boot into safe mode without a problem but not into regular mode. What is the problem here? I havnt seen any answers to a question like this on any other thread, for ones like it has been for people who have had something on their computer, mine is bare down to just drivers can I fix this? Please help quick, I lose my internet in a few days when I move and would like to have a computer when I leave.
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    Read this link:

    If you don't want to do that, I suggest get to the menu where you choose safe mode and select VGA mode. Then download new graphics drivers and install. I can't quite tell by your discription on whether its after the black loading screen that it does this, or when its about to go to the desktop. Its likely graphics card drivers if its doing that just before it hits the desktop. If its doing it before the login screen then its likely not.

    Also it wouldn't hurt to check out the Event Viewer in the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel, look in there at the system log (check out the others too) and post back with anything thats an error.
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    Okay, I tried everything listed in the post you linked and I even tried getting new drivers in the VGA mode thing, no dice. At startup (or trying) it has the windows xp logo with the moving bar, I dont know what this screen is called, i guess its a loading screen, then it goes to a black screen, flashes the blue then crashes. This is all before I have a chance to log in or even see anything related to the explorer shell. I dont know what it can be?! Im stumped and regret to say I move and lose internet in 2 days, if I dont have it figured out I guess I'll have to either take it to a local repair shop or trash it.
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    Check the event viewer in safe mode.
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