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Apr 14, 2005
  1. A couple of days ago I ran a virus scan and found I had 24 , most of which were spyware/addware. I deleted the offending files but now when I boot windows I get a lengthy delay (1 minute) on startup followed by the message "windows cannot find ms32.exe". Everything still seems to work fine apart from the delay. I don't think this was one of the files I deleted as per Microtrend virus scan instructions.
    If anyone is familiar with this problem your advice would be graetly appreciated.
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    Run msconfig and click the startup button, then untick the box u do not need, be careful not to delete important files needed for windows to run properly...untick the box with "ms32" if present.Then run regedit and go to ->HKCU|Software|Microsoft|Windows|currentVersion|run...delete malicious program u did not recognized...and do the same on HotKeyLocalMachine.

    And then with all hidden files are hijackthis and attach the log file in text file so we can analyzed your pc...
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    You can always go back and restore the files removed by your AV, as long as you didn't delete them already. And if you did, use this as a warning to hold on to them for a few weeks to make sure everything on your system is running properly, then go ahead and delete them.

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    Unfortunately I did delete the files (lesson learnt). I also can't run regedit, it flashes quickly on the screen then disappears. I made a mistake with the file name it should be "ms32drive.exe". Maybe I should format and begin again, but that would be a real nuisance. Any thoughts?
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    Formatting and reinstalling won't fix every problem. We need to understand what is wrong in the first place. So I would suggest what RBS said and report back here.
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    about the msconfig poping up then disapearing, if the same is true for taskmanager I have run into this problem before. to fix that you will need to copy c:\windows\system32\taskmgr.exe and C:\WINDOWS\PCHEALTH\HELPCTR\Binaries\msconfig.exe to your desktop, then rename then to a similar name. I have found that some virus or whatever closes them by there .exe name when they open, but not if there renamed. once you have them copied and renamed run taskmgr, whatever you called it and close every running task the you think you don't need. or end all tasks that windows will let you, except explorer. if this hasn't reset your computer then run msconfig (from your desktop) and remove from startup all the tasks that you dont want to run, restart your computer when asked and good luck! This solved alot of issues for me, and I keep a copy of msconfig and taskmgr renamed on my desktop just in case.
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