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Jun 30, 2014
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  1. I wasn't sure which section to create this thread under, but its a windows error so I thought this the best place to start.

    For sometime now, every time I shutdown my computer it has attempted to install 4 updates, and every time, it has failed. This wouldn't be a terrible inconvenience, only it does lengthen the otherwise extremely speedy shutdown time of my Windows 7 running computer.

    I have also had continued balloons telling me 'new updates available' and when I attempt to install them without simply shutting down, it gives me the error code 80070002.

    I have tried everything suggested by Microsoft here but to no avail, so I come to you, if you can help me.
  2. dansharp2014

    dansharp2014 TS Rookie

    For me I first went to 1. administrative tools ->services and disabled windows update service. 2. Go to c:\windows\software distribution 3. I deleted everything in this folder. 4. go back to administrative tools-> services -> windows update and re-inable the service.
  3. riyan harris

    riyan harris TS Rookie

    Once I also faced the same problem and I observed that my windows 7 CD had been corrupted after that I installed a genuine windows 7 CD for my laptop.
  4. Spottyfriend

    Spottyfriend TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 81

    I'm afraid this had no effect, the error still shows.
  5. Spottyfriend

    Spottyfriend TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 81

    Would this wipe my hard drive and force me to reinstall all my programs? If so is there a better way?

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