Windows deselecting (focus) problem

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Jul 14, 2008
  1. Hi, hope this makes some sense - it's driving me crazy.

    had this problem for about a week on one of my PCs;

    Using WinXP sp2, latest firefox

    was playing a full screen game and suddenly it minimised onto the takbar, this kept happening repetedly and at random. I thought it was the game, however I then noticed that if I have two windows (firefox/IE/windows folder/file copy progress window....) open the one that is currently selected will suddenly grey out as if deselected, but nothing else will be selected (have focus) and after a few seconds it will switch back to how it was. This seems to happen for all games as well. So i visited google, downloaded TweakUI, installed and told it not to let programs steal focus, worked fine for about ten mins - just long enough for me to think it's fixed then it starts again. tried running ad aware, webroot spysweeper and panda scan, picked up a few minor threats but not much and didn't solve the problem. Downloaded Comodo ran it, and that picked up one more threat, but still didn't solve the problem. If anyone can help that would be great, or if you need more info let me know.


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  3. qmd

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    thanks for getting back to me, doesn't look like it's that though - followed the instructions until - "5. Click Language Bar in the Preferences box." but the button is grey and "flat" so I guess the option isn't installed on my OS
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    hi tried what you suggest last night - and it asked for my xp sp2 disc so I guess that is the problem, unfortunately I'm having a problem (unrelated) with my DVDRW drive so I'm giong to have to fiddle about inside before I can get it to recognise my win disc - will hopefully get that done tonight and let you know if the sfc /scannow works.
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    When 'sfc /scannow' runs it looks in the registry for details on WHERE to find the I386 folder. If the registry says the folder is on the install disk (the Normal place), then it will ask for you to insert it. This could be for many reasons, not just that particular system driver/file.

    On the other hand, maybe so.

    If your cd/dvd is misbehaving and doesn't want to recognize cd/dvds. try a filters fix:

    PRBROWN TS Rookie

    Are you, by chance, running multiple monitors? Does your mouse software allow for focus to to automatically select current window (based on cursor position)?
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    Hi again, not running multiple monitors, but the problem seems to have resolved itself. Was just about to sort out my DVD drive, when panda scan suddenly detected a virus, cleaned it, restarted, has been fine since then. No idea why it didn't pick it up when I did a full scan with it earlier..... maybe need to get myself some new virus scanning software, although hopefully I'll have less incoming with the new firewall.

    sorry been a bit of a waste of your time, cheers for all the suggestions anyway.
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