Windows Error - Drive not ready

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Dec 15, 2005
  1. Hi all,
    My computer has been acting kinda weird lately (within this week).
    Whenever i shut down my computer or log off, it shows me the message saying that:
    Windows error - Drive not ready
    The driver is not ready for use; its door maybe open. Please check drive A: and make sure that a disk is inserted and that hte drive door is closed.
    <Cancel><Try Again><Continue>

    Can someone tell me what is wrong with my computer.
    Is it infected with virus?
    Thanks in advance. :angel:
  2. ayumilove

    ayumilove TS Rookie Posts: 20

    hmm, firstly what did you do anything special within that week?
    (example: installing drivers, install game, download porn, etc)

    If you didnt have, that is weird, you did something, unless someone
    accidentally bump into your system unit with a loud thud.

    Below are some solutions:
    (1) use anti-virus check for virus, malware,
    (2) use anti-spyware software and check
    (3) use anti-adware software and check
    (4) do the Windows disk cleanup & error checking
    (5) use pc repair or system software to repair
    (6) defragment your harddrive

    If the basic cant find any problem, lets go deeper...
    (1) open your system unit (the big metal box), check the wire connected to
    the Driver A (the disket driver), check the powersupply is it connected
    (2) go Start > control panel > system > hardware tab > device manager
    check for the drivers, such as Disk Drives, Floppy Disk Controlers etc
    check for any exclamation mark or any yellow or warning symbol.
    if got, post here a screenshot or describe here

    if there isnt, check the drivers, is there any floppy disk stuck inside or CD stuck inside the CD-ROM. or anything stuck inside

    No threadjacks please
  3. ALCaTrAz

    ALCaTrAz TS Rookie

    I Have The Same Problem ...

    I Have The Same Problem ... What`s Weird Is That I Don`t Have A Floppy Disk ... And It`s Still ... Drive "A" ... The Windows Installation Is 3 Days Old ... No Viruses No MalWare Or SpyWare .... I Have An Anti Virus , Defragmented C: And All I`ts The Same Problem ...
  4. AGXFalcon

    AGXFalcon TS Rookie

  5. ALCaTrAz

    ALCaTrAz TS Rookie

    Thx Bro`

    10x Bro` ... I Don`t Know How That Slipped Trough My Fingers :eek: .... I Have 3 Devices Disabled And I That I Did Not Try .... 10x Again ...
  6. Cams

    Cams TS Rookie Posts: 27

    Brilliant! I found this through a Google search of the same error message and I don't even have to register to say thanks!

  7. andalemono

    andalemono TS Rookie

    You might want to try disabling the floppy drive in your BIOS, that is where windows is getting the idea that there actually is a drive A:
  8. jozo

    jozo TS Rookie

    Hi there, thx for solution to this problem. Few months ago i was bored and downloaded nlite and edited my original windows xp cd a little, when i installed edited cd, that problem appeared, doesn't matter what i do in nlite there is just probably bug with it.
    So it is probably not wirus or something of that sort , just problem with your instalation cd, happenes almost every time i turn off pc, doesn't happen when i try to restart it.
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