Windows Firewall Issue

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I have tried to shut off the Windows Firewall in XP Home SP2 via the Setting/Security panel. However, the Firewall still shows as "ON" - Is there anything else I can do to shutdown the firewall. It keeps me from connecting to the internet.


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I don't see why the firewall would keep you from the internet. It is more used for keeping people out of your computer. But you could try opening your network card and choose properties, then the Advanced tab, untick that box and hit ok.

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If you are going to turn off the Windows' Firewall I hope you are going to use another firewall. You should never connect to the Internet without a good firewall and a good antivirus.

I use ZoneAlarm which is much better than Windows' Firewall and reputedly one of the better ones. And, it is free!
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