Windows Firewall not starting and other issues

By rtbishop15
Jun 13, 2009
  1. I have been getting help on cleaning some viruses in another forum, and I have run various cleaning and virus removal programs as directed (OLT, mbam, combofix, etc). Some viruses were found and removed, however now I am getting some serious problems like my firewall won't start and I can't start the service manually. My taskbar keeps reverting to classic, my volume controls don't work, and other issues. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!
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    Hello rtbishop15

    It will help us, if you provide a link to the other forum.
  3. rtbishop15

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    Sorry for the delay but my computer wouldn't get on the internet for a few days. The link for my other posts is

    (I am unable to post as a link because I have not posted at least 5 messages yet)

    I am pretty sure that my computer is clean, but I can't seem to get it configured properly back to how it should be. Please see link for details on what I have done and what problems I am having.
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    I´ve read what you have tried at aumha, and I am confused :confused:

    But, I suggest you tell them at aumha, you are getting help elsewhere.

    I´m not sure what´s running on your system, therefore ->

    Please run the steps in this guide:

    8-step Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions

    Post attached log´s from:


    In your next reply
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