Windows/Linux FAT32 problem locked out of windows!!HELP

By bjazzer1
Jan 3, 2006
  1. Just for the record I'm a Mac user, and for these kinds of reasons. SO if anyone DOES decide to help me, could you make your explanation VERY vivid seeing as I am VERY bad with windows? Thanks

    So a friend gave us an IBM Thinkpad with windows 2000 installed. This gave me the opportunity to use the Suse Linux 8.0 we had lying around. I partitioned the drive so both windows and linux could work on the same computer using the "easy installation" process.
    All was well until one day, out of the clear blue I was rstarting Windows and an error message popped up:

    Checking system C:
    the file is FAT32
    Windows is checking for consistency

    "some random numbers such as serial number"

    /bootex.log not a valid allocation, windows will try truncating it."

    the checking finishes and i proceed with starting up windows, but then, as soon as I get into the desktop I get the blue screen, it only pops up for a few seconds so i dont have the chance to copy it all down but it says something about
    "ntoskrnl.exe" and Dumping Physical Memory

    then it reboots and either does the same thing, or goes into my suse linux.

    So what can I do to stop this? I'll do anything, even if it means deleting Linux(which i cant figure out either)
    Oh and by the way, the WINDOWS 2000 start-up cd never starts up when i retsrt my computer, even when i choose to boot from CD-ROM in BIOS setup, it still ignores the CD.
    PLEASE help me
    thank you.
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