Windows multiple error messages and program crashes

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Mar 28, 2007
  1. I recently had my computer repaired (January). Initially, I had a lot of errors and screen resolution (buffer overflow) type of problems. This has been an ongoing problem for years (2004). I have installed and uninstalled (this time) many programs. I think I'm down to the last few errors before backing up the drive. My question is about Error Killer because the program would not register. They emailed and suggested that I send a HiJackThis report. This seems rather unusual since they did not suggest that I run the anti-virus (series) programs as usually suggested prior to sending the HiJack report. Is this the right way to use HiJackThis?

    Error: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime! Error
    The application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.
    This happened after I ran the program (before I registered it) and unchecked a blank check box of windows programs that load. Or maybe it was AdWare Alert that had the check box. Sorry?

    I ran the hijack programs due to alot of other errors. For instance, I notice that the cpqset seems to be corrupted. In "What's Running" when I view the file there are alot of black bars in the file name. Also, I cannot log off. Kerio Personal Firewall keeps popping up system tray balloons. The specific error is: Windows Logon UI
    Windows NT Logon Application
    Plus, WMI keeps popping up when there doesn't seem to be a reason for it. Its a generic file so I don't know how to locate what the message is telling me. I notified Kerio. Also, Imaging Mastering API is giving me an error. I had this same error on the internet when trying to log in places---I was asked to give the API. What is an API?

    Also, Defrag FS gave a critical error "Failed to start correctly". I checked my program, Perfect Disk, and the exe file has a lowercase "w" after the filename (PD8_FDISKw). I doubt that it should be there. Heck, there were so many other problems that I gave it a try--it runs. I tried to repair, but the message was "Fatal error during installation". That message was a little late, since I had already ran it to thoroughly clean the fragments. I haven't had time to report it yet; but stayed away from it for now.

    And, I had two recycle bin catalogs (I think that is what they are called). It was set for global (whatever); only this is gone since I ran the "virus/spyware/malware" programs from TechSpot. I found additional duplicate files being created in the folders (readme and license files). These files seemed to have to be in the folder above the program files so a duplicate was created when I tried to place them in another folder.

    Well, that's it for now. Except for the Macromedia Flash. Can you tell me why the install.log is hidden and contains the listing of my Firefox downloads (an incorrect listing, too).

    As a note: My safemode only show the Administor account and the log in account for 1 user (admin). I have a user account without administrator privileges, but safemode does not show the account. I don't think that is correct.

    Some viruses recently found were Cold Fusion (or is Tribal Fusion), but I submitted a false positive report. And PALKeylogger (two different anti-virus programs using different variations of naming it) was found.

    I'm posting the HJT to the Security and the Web forum. I was a little confused about including the AVG log and the combofix log, though.
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    sounds like you may have a trojan.

    run your antivirus
    run spybot search and destroy
    run ad-aware

    before attempting repairs, turn off system restore

    also run crap cleaner registry repair after cleaning.

    any viri found is bad and can cause a whole bunch of issues.
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    All the scans show "nothing found".
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  5. Onus

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    I have tried the example you gave. And I have to re-start the computer before going into safe mode to read the bios setting, just in case the computer crashes. I made backups awhile ago, but the Microsoft update won't install - Cryptographic services. Also, the RPC locator is manually set and it might tamper with the firewall. I have reached support to try to get a response. I might change the "bios" setting? The computer is a ZV5830us, HP laptop. HP said they would help, but they always wipe the hard drive. Right now I think the computer is "unstable". Thank for your suggestions. I'll post again if the "bios" setting help -- I have to resolve the Hibernation and Standby mode. To be sure, I'll need to check these several times. There are a lot of Power modes on this laptop; none of which I like.
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