Windows reinstall admin 'My Documents' issues

By antjscott
Nov 26, 2007
  1. hey guys,

    I've just built a new computer for a friend, using old parts. basically i used a new hard drive to install windows, so i wouldn't erase any of the data on her old hard drive by doing a recovery install. now when i start the pc up, i can access Program files completely fine, but any of the my documents folders i cant, comes up with the error 'access is denied'. when highlighting the folder, it says folder is empty, but the hdd size hasn't changed at all, so the data is still definitely there.

    It seems this is perhaps a windows security feature blocking out anyone else trying to access the data. i tried googling the problem, but google is hopeless. I've tried, for the sake of it, trying to access the old my documents folder via an admin account and a limited user account i created. it doesnt work.

    any ideas as to what i can do to fix it?

    thanks in advance
  2. AlbertLionheart

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    You could try recreating the original account and password that was used to create the file folders in the first place.
  3. mickzer

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  4. antjscott

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    sorry for my late delay. i did have to take ownership of the files. it was a problem i came across ages ago but i'd forgotten what i needed to do, hence my post. had numerous problems all throughout that rebuild... worst one ever, glad it's now all over. :)
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