Windows Responding Slow

By craZy18gurl
Nov 11, 2008
  1. My dad's computer seems to be responding slow all of the sudden. Recently my bro installed this Nokia software and it was after so the computer started going slow. It is uninstalled now, however, the problem has not resolved.

    We then discovered something weird with the CPU Usage in the Windows Task Manager. The maximum, from what we have seen, the CPU Usage is at is 20 or so percent, but it's suddenly been goin at 40% or 60%, once even 90%. The CPU Usage History is even showing a lot of peaks. The computer's ram is 512 MB, and from what we're seeing in the Physical Memory around 400 something MB is being used, even when no program is window is running. Right now it's the same, and I only have Internet Explorer open.

    I checked that 'What Slows Windows Down' article, my dad's computer doesn't have any of those program that causes major delay. And this is the first time this has happened actually, the computer always ran smoothly before.

    I ran HijackThis and have attached the log.

    Any ideas on what could be the problem?
  2. THNDR143

    THNDR143 TS Member Posts: 43


    From what I can see, CA is the culprit. I tried CA Internet Security once and slowed my PC down alot. Also, remove useless items from the startup list, like adobe reader,real player etc.

    Just an idea.
  3. craZy18gurl

    craZy18gurl TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 51

    Ok so I uninstalled CA, got avast instead (found two infected items which I quickly got rid of), as well removed useless items from the Start Up List.

    So far, things seem to be going smoothly again. Hmm, CA must've been the culprit.
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