Windows StartUp Strange Problem.

By lexissopro
Jan 15, 2008
  1. Whenistartwindows XP, igeta few choises:Normal Mode, safe mode, last working mode, and all of those, whatever option i choose, it restarts with the same error,have tried windows XP CD, please help!
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced
    Click the bottom "Settings" button listed in "Startup and Recovery"
    Click on the "Edit" button

    Highlight all the words
    (just hold and move, your left mouse key, over them, then let go of your left mouse button)
    And then then right click on all the highlighted words, and select "copy"

    Then Close, Cancel, Cancel

    Go back to this message and select Reply
    In the message area (white area) right click and select "paste"
    Submit the post

    (Basically copy and paste boot.ini into a reply post !)
  3. Po`Girl

    Po`Girl TS Rookie Posts: 595


    *Note to kimsland* : lexissopro can`t get into Windows. :)

    What error do you get with the XP CD ?

    - Just to make sure your using it correctly,see HERE for how to run chkdisk /r from the Recovery Console

    - See HERE for more advanced options.

    - A Repair Install HERE

    - If nothing works,remove the Hard Drive and attach to another PC either internally,or

    via a USB Adapter ($20).Then copy off anything you need then run chkdisk on it.

    You can then either put it back in your own PC and see if anything works,

    or you can format/reinstall.
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