windows thinks my primary slave is a 7.35M HDD

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Aug 5, 2005
  1. For some reason, Windows thinks my primary slave is a 7.35M HDD, last time i checked it was 4 Gig. the bios recognises it as a 4 gig, and this is also comfirmed by 'hard drive inspector' When i try to access it, im asked to format it. the formating dosent work though. Ive put in a similar HDD which works perfectly. Can any1 help, or at least understand whats going on?
    just hoping it hasent died.
    running WinXP home, SP2
  2. tdeg

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    Sounds like it is just seeing one partition.

    Right click on My Computer and select manage. On the left hand side you will see something called Disk Management.

    How many drive show up there and what size do they say?
  3. harveyeugene

    harveyeugene TS Rookie Topic Starter

    all of my drives show up as they normally would, including an extra partition which dosent have a designated drive letter and is only 7M, it say it has an "eisa configuration" so how do i convince windows to ignore this random partition, it doesnt have the delete option like the others
  4. tdeg

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    Read in this link.;en-us;300415

    Diskpart permits certain partition deletion operations that are blocked by the snap-in. For example, you can use Diskpart to delete MBR OEM partitions. However, these partitions often contain files that are important to the platform operation. Diskpart blocks the deletion of the current system, boot, or paging volumes and partitions. Also, Diskpart blocks deletion of the partitions that underlie dynamic disks.

    Pay special attention to where it says to be careful. You can permanently delete stuff if you aren't careful,
  5. harveyeugene

    harveyeugene TS Rookie Topic Starter

    All the other hdd appear with a single partition where as the disk in question D: as shown in disk managment has two partitions. I have made an attempt to delete the rouge partition but i am still having problems <see attachment.>
    The partition that windows 'thinks' is the main part, is recognised by DiskPart as inactive and hidden, the main partition is active and not hidden. So surely th main partition should be the partition windows is reading from....? are there any other ways to convince windows to ignore or remove this partition?
  6. tdeg

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    Have you ever had
    1) A disk overlay program on that disk.
    2) Some sort of disk security program?
  7. harveyeugene

    harveyeugene TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no, not that i know of.
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