Windows Vista Boot Dual boot Grub Error.

By radragon16
Jul 1, 2008
  1. Yeah I went and did something stupid. -.- I had a dual boot of Vista/Ubuntu and I deleted the Ubuntu partition in vista and rebooted the comp before correcting the Boot menu. So now when I re-start I get this:

    Loading GRUB stage 1.5

    Error 22

    I have run just about every test I know of. I'm running a Vista home on a Dell XPS 410.
    I've already ran chkdsk, all of Dell's utilities, Windows Vista Startup Repair, etc.

    Can someone help please?

    EDIT: Would fdisk /mbr correct my problem?

    Okay now I understand what the problem is. The GRUB is looking for a partition that is not there, and the binary isn't matching up. I'm at work right now so I have no way to test to fix it. I just want to make sure I know how before I head home.

    fdisk /mbr

    I think bootrec.exe /fixmbr and /fixboot will correct my issue. I would like to run it by you guys first. :)
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