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Windows VISTA fails to boot after installing Norton SystemWorks on XP

By ovvn.you ยท 7 replies
Mar 22, 2006
  1. Installed Norton System Works 2006 on Windows XP and now Windows VISTA isnt booting, theres the load screen, then it reboots, I think it has something to do with Norton GoBack, Suggestions please,?? Appreciate it
  2. wlknaack

    wlknaack TS Rookie Posts: 143

    I found Norton Go Back to be an absolute PITA. I uninstalled it, and I suggest you do the same. After uninstall, use the Search function to delete any remaining Go Back files, except those that are "shared" so that you do not effect the rest of Systems Works.
  3. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    & you want us to troubleshoot an unreleased, unsupported beta operating system for you ? :rolleyes:
  4. ovvn.you

    ovvn.you TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 98

    hah, im betting its norton and im betting it wouldnt make a diff between VISTA or RedHat Linux, im just asking if it norton could cause another os to fail to boot.

    Does anyone know how to uninstall Norton GoBack?? I cant seem to find the uninstaller anywhere, maybe ill try the cd.
  5. Tarzan G.

    Tarzan G. TS Rookie

    Windows XP-Vista Media Center and Goback

    It appears that Windows OS's with the Media Center Changes the partition of the hard drive which makes it incompatible with Goback. Correspondence with Symantec as to a work around or when they will correct this was like asking your 18 year old daughter what she did last night.
    There is a uninstall you can put on a floppy to remove it, I have only done this with Windows XP media Center, I assume it will work with Vista.
    Vista Premium and Vista Ultimate should be fine with GoBack, and Vista Basic and Vista Business I suggest using Farstone RestoreIt Pro.
  6. nicky_x

    nicky_x TS Rookie Posts: 23

    you can boot vista in the safe mode for a try
  7. nicky_x

    nicky_x TS Rookie Posts: 23

    maybe some system files have been destroyed
  8. jake8

    jake8 TS Rookie

    If you installed GoBack on a VISTA machine you are definately creating a recipe for disaster. I had similar issues as a former Goback user. The helpful folks at symantec told me that GoBack is not supporting Vista - They couldn't even tell me if there are any plans to have a Vista release.

    I had to move on - and found a competitive product that works somewhat better and more importantly, supports Vista. It's called Rollback Rx. There is information on the product at http://www.horizondatasys.com/169614.ihtml

    If you are uninstalling GoBack you need to restore the MBR manualy, cause it is protected.

    Here's confirmation regarding Symantec system works: http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/tsgeninfo.nsf/DOCID/2000011107215039

    Basically It does not support Vista.
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