Windows XP and Nero 6.6 Uninstall

By doctorbobj
Jun 2, 2005
  1. I wonder if anyone has seen this and how to fix it. I have tried this on at least 4 systems now.
    Running Windows two of them had SP 1 and two of them with SP 2. In all cases I has Nero 6.3 and then upgraded to Nero
    After installing Nero 6.6 I did not like the fact it wanted to do everything from playing movie files and other things so I wanted to uninstall it and reinstall Nero 6.3.
    In every case once I uninstalled Nero 6.6 no matter if I reinstalled 6.3 or tried this before reinstalling, I can not longer get into manage my computer, Can get into administrative tools but nothing in there will work. Also can not do a system restore point prior to the date I installed nero 6.6.

    The ONLY fix I can come up with is to reinstall nero 6.6 and then everything works but I do get an error in event log about incd helper not starting.
    Two of the machines are running XP home two of them XP pro.
    I want to install nero 6.6 and find a trash can for it and put Nero 6.3 back on but also need to be able to manage my computer and see event log.
    I have has several other people try this same thing and in all cases once 6.6 is uninstalled you can not manage your computer.

    Anyone else ever see this??
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    On my XP/SP2 I have successfully installed Nero Works like a charm.
    This was on a fresh XP install, after SP2 and all MS-updates. I did not install InCD though.

    I saved this info a while ago, maybe it is of help to you:
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