Windows XP Backup disk + Toshiba

By Scshadow
Jan 8, 2006
  1. I just bought a new Toshiba A105-S361 and I unpacked the software that came with the computer to find there is only one cd. It is the app and driver cd which is all good and well except that isn't good enough. My previous laptops had plenty of problems and my life was saved over and over by my xp cd. Toshiba appearently doesn't give me a backup cd for XP and it doesn't have me create one like my gateway did(Which I didn't like because I couldn't choose what drivers to install. I need that control). Praying that my Toshiba doesn't have as many hard drive failures as my ex-HP laptop, which I returned for my money, will not protect me from my horribly bad luck. How do I get a backup xp cd?

    Edit: Not to mention this will be really annoying when I decide to mess around with dual-booting linux.
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