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Windows XP "boot disk failure" error

By death ยท 4 replies
Jan 4, 2005
  1. Hi guys;

    My freind has very old computer. Specs: Intel Patium II at about 256mhz, Hard drive is only about 3-4GB (can't remember clearly). He had windows 98 installed on his computer. He wanted to install HP 3-in-1 printer (brand new), but didn't seem to work or even install on his computer. So he asked me to install windows XP on his computer. I upgraded to windows XP Proffesional and after installing XP windows he didn't have much hard drive space as XP took most of the space. So he only had left with aobut 1GB hard drive space. Computer worked fine that day. However, next day he called that his computer doesn't start, as it was giving "boot disk failure error". It requires a boot disk the error read, "Boot disk failure". I have windows XP Proffesional boot disks(about 6 of them). I tried to boot from them and didn't work. I have booted my computer using same disks, but his computer didn't boot..............What should I do?

    Does he need to buy new hard drive? What is best way to format the drive or get into windows xp by not using boot disks?

    Any suggestions will be helpfull...............Thanks in advance.
  2. binnsmeister

    binnsmeister TS Rookie

    XP on Older computer


    Since there is limited info, I will have to assume a few things. I assume you adjusted the bios settings and set the A:floppy drive to boot first. If you still cant boot, you should change out the A: drive, and try again. In order for xp to run decent on a p II, I assume you know 256 mb of ram is a good starting place. Other than that, you might be better off running windows 98 on that unit, but a more intense install is driver install
  3. death

    death TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 46

    I formatted the drive by putting drive into my computer. However, when I try to start the computer it gives the same error. Then I tried loading Windows XP again by using Boot Disks, because windows 98 Cd or Disk didn't work, and it started loading files. But when I inserted windows XP boot disk 6, after a while, it gave me this error, "STOP: C0000221 Unknown Hard Error \SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll"

    What does that mean? Can I install windows 98 by using its boot disk or I need to have a cd? I i do need a Cd then how can i make computer to read from CD. or Do I have to install Windows XP again?

    Please help....................Thank you..
  4. nowwzh

    nowwzh TS Rookie

    thank you

    thank you

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  5. nowwzh

    nowwzh TS Rookie

    thank you

    thank you

    pretty good

    windows xp boot disk
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