Windows XP Installation Keeps Freezing

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May 7, 2006
  1. I reformated my Western Digital 160gb hd(WD1600JB) using Western Digitals Data Lifeguard Tools disk. I've tried making 3 partitions, then I tried 2, then 1 large partition. After each time, I would start to install XP and except for the 1 large partition, the installation would freeze at 39 minutes, the large partition freezes at 28 minutes. Anyone know how I can solve this?
  2. stoeptegeltje

    stoeptegeltje TS Rookie


    try to get with a floppy in to dos and run fdisk make one big one activate it and dont run windows xp intalation try windows me if that dont work than you should try an new hdd or try windows vista beta

    i hope this is yousefull info
  3. Mr Papschmere

    Mr Papschmere TS Rookie Posts: 49

    Is your PC at std settings? XP doesn't like to install on overclocked settings.

    Once it's installed you can bump it back up again
  4. Nukey

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    Maybe you might need to turn off DMA features from the BIOS, that often helps. I found it virtually impossible to install XP once because of the same problem that you was having, but when it was turned off everything was fine.
  5. stoeptegeltje

    stoeptegeltje TS Rookie


    my pc is not overclockt sow that is not the problem and i don`t now if i have dma (or some thing ) and i i have my bios have the factory settings and on that setting he has don it sow ...
  6. stoeptegeltje

    stoeptegeltje TS Rookie

    i tried that but it is your problem i dont got it i got instalation problems to an got not sow far as you do but you should try factory settings
  7. WinDoWsMoNoPoLy

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    Try making the partitions with the Windows CD and formatting.
  8. Rashoboz

    Rashoboz TS Rookie

    this is not freezing issue, your instalation gets stuck in an infinite loop

    There is a solution to this problem off course, i had the same problem with one computer i was working on, you can solve it by doing the following: i am assuming you are trying to install windows from scratch, or doing a repair install, when you turn on your computer press F8 repeatedly so u get the boot options menu, on that menu chose debugging mode, your installation should go on as usual you will not notice any changes, when it gets to the part where it usually gets stuck at 39 mins or so instead of just staying stuck there and not notifying you of anything you will probably get a pop up window saying that some driver is either needed to proceed or that a certain driver didn't pass WHQL testing giving you options to proceed with installation of the driver or to cancel it, you should do what you think is right, i will explain now why this happens, in the regular install mode you don't get prompted about non WHQL drivers or about any drivers other than SATA if needed at the beginning of installation, also no pop ups in the regular install, in the debugging mode you have more info of whats exactly going on during the install. i hope this solves your problem as it solved mine in the similar case to yours i was having.
  9. Nirkon

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    try a different windows cd maybe?
  10. Everlong18

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    Does it actually freeze and does all hard drive activity halt? Or is the hard drive still active?

    I created a Windows XP SP2 slipstream disk, and when I install with that, it usually hangs at 39mins for a while and then installs with no problem and the hard drive is still working while it hangs.
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